Inside the Cal Academy of Science

I took my 6th grade scientists to the California Academy of Science last year. So much to see inside that magical building. So many layers inside other insides. Who would suspect that one could learn so much about the world outside by traveling inside.

For the DP Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Wholesale Hot Dogs

It was the biggest pack of hot dogs he’d ever seen. Unbelievable is what he thought at first. Denial of his sensory input. Following disbelief was disgust, followed again by denial. It couldn’t be, like a conundrum wrapped paradoxically in plastic. He tried to calculate exactly how many hot dogs were inside the shrink wrapped mountain of meat by products. Five hundred seemed like a reasonable estimate. One thousand didn’t seem too outrageous, considering the sheer volume involved. How many animals and animal parts had it taken to create such a monument of obesity?

Finally he reached that last psychological plateau–acceptance. He shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. He told himself that he had seen everything. Then he saw the package of hamburgers.

Hot Dogs (by stirwise)

Daily Prompt: Twilight Zone