Is it today yet?

Yesterday is uncertain,
distorted by memory and the
unreliability of eyewitness reports.

Tomorrow is unpredictable,
a glittery bauble dangling
like a carrot on a string.

Today is all we are assured,
so pay attention and
make it count for something.

Is it today yet?

…Time… (by ĐāżŦ {mostly absent}) on Flickr – (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Today’s rant was a piece of philosophical nonsense that had snuck its way into a story I was writing. I was about to erase it into the ether of the delete key when I decided that it sounded slightly poetic. Rather than delete I should post it as a sappy poem here instead.  But the question remains.

Is it today yet?

Toxic Shock

One golden word separates command from request.
And one golden breath separates a life from a death.

Hydrochlorofluorocarbonated dioxide infusions.
UnLeaded poison gasoline fuels our neurotoxic delusions.

Warning Pesticides:Fire may and will cause toxic fumes.
Cancer causing mutagens will surely spell our dooms.

Who’s to say what constitutes a harmful level of contaminants?
But is it really wise for us to be using them as condiments?


Warning Pesticides: Fire Will Cause Toxic Fumes (by CGP Grey – http://www.cgpgrey.com)

DP Weekly Writing Challenge: Time for Poetry


Not Everyone

Not Everyone writes
Not Everyone fights
Not Everyone makes it
when holding on tight
Not Everyone’s crazy
Not Everyone’s sane
Not Everyone drives fast
in the slow lane
Not Everyone’s quiet
Not Everyone’s loud
Not Everyone likes to
drink beer with a crowd
Not Everyone travels
Not Everyone stays
When it’s rainy outside
Not Everyone plays
Not Everyone wears jeans
Not Everyone wears suits
When somebody pulls it
Not Everyone hoots
Sometimes when
Not Everyone falls
and can’t longer walk
Not Everyone crawls
Not Everyone is
as cool as can be
Seeing Not Everyone
I wish it were me

Not Everyone Poops (by Lodigs)