The Beginning of the End

My girlfriend left a note on my car. It didn’t say anything, just had a big smack of lipstick right across the center of the little piece of paper. What did it mean? Was it some sort of sexual heiroglyphics? Should I kiss the paper back? I can’t begin to explain the torment this little piece of paper triggered in me.

My friend told me that I was lucky to receive such cryptic messages of affection, but I didn’t agree. I removed the note from beneath my windshield wiper and folded it carefully into my wallet, lost for any other response. I would have to decipher its hidden messages later.

Later that evening I asked my girlfriend about the intention of the note. Was she trying to scare me? Entice me? Make me go crazy from longing and want?

What note she asked. At first I thought she was playing with me, batting her lashes coyly, but her true ignorance of the matter became quickly evident. Oh never mind, I said, but of course it was too late for that. There was no never minding now.

Our minds would never be the same.

(she had curious habits, of kissing paper, windows, mirrors.) (by undreaming)