Signs of the Times

Motel Mt Whitney

A sign can take so many forms.  It can be a reminder, a rule, a law, or a warning. It can be a gesture, action, or graphic presentation meant to provide information or instructions. It can also indicate the probable presence or occurrence of something else, something unseen but to be expected.

The signs are all around us. I just wish I could figure out what they truly mean. I love taking pictures of signs, and have so many I could post hundreds.  But that would be a sign of something else.

Here is just a few.

Posted for the DP Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs


Something was fleeting into the distance, a dust cloud on the horizon. You realized it was you, your life as you knew it, fading away into the darkest crevices of nowhere. But you stood solemnly watching it, detached, unaffected. You were standing with others, and wanted to know if they saw it as well. They looked off in the same direction as you, but did they see the same thing? What did they see see fading into nothingness on the horizon?

It felt surreal, like receiving an invitation to your own funeral in the mail. Please RSVP it says. Snacks will be served. What can you make of this? Do you call the number and reserve a seat in the front row? Do you toss it in the garbage with the pre-approved credit card offers? Do you hang it on the fridge with your Dominoes delivery magnet? Do you try to forget about the fade into the ether, or do you use it motivate the process of life. Do you want to remember or forget?

What is your response?

rsvp (by papermonkey)