The Eye of the Beholder

Found Art at Albany Bulb

What is art anyway? It takes so many different forms. By taking a photo of someone’s art are we stealing it somehow? Are we documenting or plagiarizing? A photograph can be art by itself, but can a photograph of art be art? Nature may be the greatest artist of all, but can nature be art? Does the artist make the art or does the art make the artist?

Art should be beautiful, moving, an extension of the artist’s vision. But much like beauty, it would seem art is in the eye of the beholder.

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What price will you pay for play?

I made these digital art pieces way back when I was taking Digital Media classes at Cabrillo College. I used to love to play around on photoshop and illustrator, but that was back when I had way more time than money. Now that I am a busyness professional (yes, I get paid to be busy) I barely have time to play around at all anymore. I thought that having a real job that paid all the bills and then some would make me happy, but I find myself looking back on those poor days of studentdom and missing all the free time I had. Which is better, having no time and extra money, or extra time and no money?

How valuable is your time while on your short vacation to this lifetime?

What price will you pay for play?

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Things on Top of Other Things

deity with more than a couple axes to grind

I went with my wife to see the Yoga Exhibit at the SF Asian Art Museum yesterday. She’s a yoga teacher and I am a humble student. It is the first exhibit of its kind, showing the story of yoga through the ages by using some amazing statues, paintings, and other artifacts. There were no photos allowed in the Yoga exhibit, but I did see lots of amazing Asian art that depicted things (deities for instance) on top of other things (their vanquished enemies for instance). One thing about Asian mythology–like Yertle the Turtle, the most powerful forces in the known universe always seem to be perched on top of something else.

on top of the entrance to the museum



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