Lighthouse Point


There’s lots of monuments that represent Santa Cruz, like the Boardwalk with its Giant Dipper, or the Municipal Wharf, or even the Harbor. But nothing says Santa Cruz like the lighthouse at Lighthouse Point. Home of the world famous surf break known as Steamer Lane, the Mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse now contains a surf museum.

DP Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument


  1. As a wee child, growing up in Fremont, CA, I have been to Santa Cruz many times (in the Sixties).
    As far as lighthouses….well, I wrote a five or ten page blog post about a lighthouse in Galveston, TX.
    You might like it.
    Let me know…and I can send the link.
    (would never presume to just add it now)
    There are some photos…you can scroll thru the ponderous text.

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