First Love

They were young, a couple obviously enamored with each other, but that wasn’t the whole story. There was something about the way they carried themselves, something carefree and stressless and oozing youth like some sort of magical fountain. They danced on the sand, felt the curves of each other’s bodies with force and fits far beyond lust. But it wasn’t lust yet. It far was too innocent for such distinctions. The way they moved, forceful but not pressured, frenetic but not frantic, just pure enjoyment, everything lost and forgotten as they discovered each other in that moment.  That first taste of love, so sweet and naive I could practically taste it myself. Watching their joy, their emphatic ease of motion and motive, their enamored and taut young bodies on the beach, I could only conclude that my best years were truly behind me.

Young love (by Nina Matthews Photography)

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