A Different Kind of Love

Inter-racial? Same sex?
These distinctions are petty.
What about inter-species love?
What about love between kingdoms?
Can a bee love a flower?
Can a flower love a bee?
o they need each other?
Isn’t that Love?

a different kind of love (by flora-file)


  1. “Do they need each other? Isn’t that Love?” An interesting question. BTW I read some of your “this plant” stories, and enjoyed them. I like the way you tell your life story through plants. But I didn’t see any way to follow new posts, which was a shame.

    1. Thanks. I guess you’d have to be on tumblr to follow those posts. I will be posting future my plant stories on this new wordpress blog as well. My tumblr is two years old and I’m new here on wordpress.

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