Weekly Photo Challenge – “Selfies”

“Your ego is not your amigo.” – Tony Alva

I take lots of photos, but rarely any featuring myself. Every once in a while a selfie sneaks into my photo roll, but it is never a direct attempt. I see my students take hundreds of selfies in the course of a few minutes. They exalt in the fact that the word “selfie” has been added to the official lexicon of the English language. I know because they tell me about it every time I question their motives. Sometimes it seems that their main purpose in possessing a powerful portable phone in their pocket is to take pictures of themselves and their friends. How many different pictures with pouty lips and finger signals can one person take? More and more it seems that kids are truly the centers of their own universes.

I like this challenge because it gives me a a chance to share some of the things I have done and continue doing, and some of the amazing places I have visited during my doings. But I will never be the center of my own photos, but rather a small and after thunk accent. Sometimes I think I take so many photos because I have such a horrible memory. The photograph stands of proof that I was there, and helps me remember all those moments muddled in the memory banks. Why the hell do I need to be in it? I took the photo after all, didn’t I? I was there somewhere. I may not remember taking the photo, but it got on my camera somehow.

And despite my best attempts to quell my ego and lose myself in the moment, these photos stand as proof that even during my attempts to stay hidden, the evil amigo sometimes makes an appearance. I must try to remember that I am not the center of the known universe, despite the illusion of such provided by my unique and limited vantage point. 

Easier said than done.


  1. That happens to me [finding photos I have no recollection of having taken] more often than I like to admit… Thanks for sharing these – though, how safe is it to take a photo while riding a skateboard? Is that actually what’s going on in that shot? Scary!

      1. Skateboarding is not nearly as dangerous as riding a motorcycle, as I recently learned the hard way. I would say “don’t fall” should be a rule for life, but sometimes the act of falling and getting back up can teach us more than remaining upright.

  2. well said! I love your quote but dislike the selfie centred craze – though a shadow or two is fun -especially with the long legs

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