Does anyone ever stop to think about walking? The people who don’t know how to walk need to think about it. Toddlers, people in rehabilitation, the physically challenged, these are the people that need to think about walking, really concentrate on putting the necessary physical motions into the proper sequence. Once a person learns how to walk do they ever really concentrate on walking again, or pause to consider the significance of the act? People who can’t use their legs need wheelchairs and electric carts. Provided they can use their hands, they wriggle around on the ground like seals, without their legs reduced to a posture that is arguably less than human. Standing erect and walking are huge parts of the human experience, and bipedal locomotion itself is a defining feature of our species.

Walking is a given for most people, and perhaps even an annoyance for some. Some would rather wait half an hour for front row parking than park immediately and walk five minutes. Some insist on driving to the end of their driveways to get the mail. Some speak of walking any distance greater than half a mile with the same genuine disinterest they reserve for such demeaning physical labor as ditch digging or cleaning toilets.

Not everybody has such a negative opinion of walking. I personally know hundreds of people who exalt in the act of walking or some other form of bipedal locomotion. I, for one, enjoy walking and running and other such physical acts, but I never truly appreciated their significance until recently. It’s cruel, I think, that the significance of anything so important, so integral to being a human being, should stay so unconsidered that it can’t truly be appreciated until it is gone. I will never make that mistake again.

my office

I haven’t been able to walk since October 7.

Read more about my accident HERE

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